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125A 3P Molded Case Circuit Breaker

125A 3P Molded Case Circuit Breaker


Product Details:
Brand Name: SAFESAVE
Model Number: SMS7
Type: Miniature Case Circuit Breaker
Poles Number: 3P,4P
breaking capacity: Type S、Type H
Ambient temperature: <50℃
Warranty: 18 months

Product Details

Technical Parameter

1. Product Overview:

SAFESAVE SMS7 series moulded case circuit breaker with rated insulation voltage 800V, applied in the power system of AC 50(60)Hz, rated voltage 690V and below, rated current 800A and below as the transfer not frequently. The circuit breaker has the protection devices of over load, short circuit and under voltage ,it can protect the circuit and power equipment from broken.

The mccb can be sorted to C type (basic),L type (standard),M type (high breaking), H type(higher breaking) according to its rated limit short circuit breaking capacity.

The SMS7 mccb has the features small volume, breaking capacity high, electric arcing short ,anti-vibration. It is the ideal product for application in land and ship.

The installation can be vertical or level and the standard conforms to GB14048.2.


2. Product Features:

1) sea level 2000m and below;

2) the around environment temperature:Below 50°C

3) it can avoid the effect of humidity ,salt fog, oil fog.

4) Installation conditions: The max slop is 22.5°C

5) The ship is in the normal vibration, it can work normally.

6) The place without rain, snow

7) The place without explosive gas and the gas ,conductive dust that can not corrode metal and break product insulation.

3. Specifications and Parameters:


4. Dimension:


5. Product display:


6. Installation Size:

7. Follow-up service:

Our service is one to one-service, all you inquiry and comments will be marked and you can complain any sale’s service , when you are not satisfied including design service ,products sampling and, quality, control, delivery and after sales all the problem,direct to the manger and will receive the feedback in 24 hours

8. About us:

Zhejjiang Saikong Electrical Technology Co., Ltd has fully absorbed high-end talents from all over the world, laying a solid foundation for the company's technological innovation and industry. After several years of steady development, the company has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification. With high-quality products and professional services, it has been well received by customers. The products are widely used in petroleum, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, machinery, transportation and motors and other fields.

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