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160A Molded Case Circuit Breaker

160A Molded Case Circuit Breaker


Product Details:
Brand Name: SAFESAVE
Model Number: SMS7
Type: Miniature Case Circuit Breaker
Poles Number: 3P,4P
breaking capacity: Type S、Type H
Ambient temperature: <50℃
Warranty: 18 months

Product Details

Technical Parameter

1. Product Overview:

As an important component of low-voltage power distribution, molded case circuit breaker plays an important role in power transmission and distribution, circuit control and protection. SMS7 series Molded case circuit breakers are very widely used in our field of power distribution. Ensuring the continuity and reliability of the power distribution system, low-voltage electrical equipment with protection is getting more and more popular. Molded case circuit breakers are used as control elements for various office    lighting, electrical control and other low-voltage power distribution systems. They have simple overload protection, short-circuit protection and under-voltage protection functions to protect the equipment or reduce damage as much as possible, narrowing the scope of the accident.


2. Product Categories:

According to the frame degree: 125,、160、315、630、800( Note: 125 is a frame upgraded type of 63, 160 is a frame upgraded type of 125, 315 is a frame upgraded type of 250, 400 is a frame upgraded type of 360)

According to breaking capacity: Type S ( Standard type)、Type H (High type)

According to the number of pole: 1) Tripolar 2)Quadrupole

According to the function: 1) Used in Power distribution 2) Used in motor protection

Product code: 1) None-thermomagnetic 2) E-electronic 3) L-leakage circuit breaker

3. Specifications and Parameters:


4. Dimension:


5. Product display:


6. Installation Size:

7. FAQ:

Q: Were all products of yours displayed on the web-page?

A: No. For more products, please contact us or show us its picture if you haven't found on our website.

Q: Which country is your main market now?

A: Mid-East, North Africa, West Africa, South-east Asia and South America .

Especially, a firm customer base in Bangladesh,Thailand,Singapore, Nigeria, Egypt, Saudi, Morocco and Russia etc.

Q: What should we do if goods are received with some quality problems?

A: All goods have been inspected during the assembling and packing, the chance to get defective slide is very rare. If there are some quality problems, such as finish problem, damaged problem, please kindly take some photos and show to us proof, also please show us the carton image to locate the quality supervisor. After we verified the problem,We will be responsible for the defective products.

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