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63A High Performance MCB

63A High Performance MCB


Product Details:
Brand Name: SAFESAVE
Model Number: DZ47
Type: Miniature Circuit Breaker
Poles Number: 1P,2P,3P,4P
Rated Current: 1-63A
Rated voltage: 230/400V
Frequency: 50/60hz
Mechanical life: 1000 times
Breaking capacity: 6KA

Product Details

Technical Parameter

1. Product Overview:

SAFEAVE63A 1P AC Miniature Circuit Breaker of DZ47 series mainly used in AC 50Hz, single electrode 230V, two or three or four electrodes 440V, and the protection of overload or short-circuit when the current exceeds 63A. Meanwhile, it also can infrequently break the electric and light circuit under normal conditions. Besides, it’s especially suitable for industrial and commercial lighting distribution system.

All technical indexes are in conformity with IEC60898-1 and GB10963.1

2. Working environment:

1. Temperature:-5℃~+40℃, daily average temperature does not exceed 35℃

2. Installation altitude: <2000m

3. Air humidity: <50%/40℃; <90%/25℃

4. Installation type: embedded installation

3. Specification:

1. Rated current: 6A,10A,16A,20A,25A,32A,40A,50A,63A

2. Electrode: Single, two, three, four

3. Instantaneous release: Type C: Lighting protection; Type D: Motor protection


4. About us:


To create a greener world with our safe and energy-saving technology.


To be a happy corporation benefiting human society.


Gratitude: Thankfulness for God’s grace, team cooperation and clients’ trust.

Credibility: Fruitful promise and resultful action.

Dedication: Persistence in seeking for professional perfection.

Teamwork: A promotive spirit of sharing, cherishing , cooperation and positive mutual influence .

Responsibility:Courage of taking responsibility for whatever result with no excuse.

Passion: Full energy and fighting will.

Learning: Consistent learning of professional skills to gain efficient working ability.

Innovation: A force to change the backward and lead the market.

Sharing: Growth in what we share.

5. Warranty & Service:

Thanks for purchasing the miniature circuit breaker manufactured by SAFESAVE. The product is made under a perfect quality management system. For your convenience, we hereby give the following instructions with regard to the warranty and after-sale services:

1. Warranty

Warranty of the product shall be 18 months from the purchasing date recorded on the name plate, whichever is shorter. However, for any fault caused by the following reasons, regardless it is within the warranty or not, the repair shall be charged.

2. After-sale service:

For any questions please just feel free to contact us and our sales team will response to the technical service and maintenance service requirements of customers in telephone within 24 hours upon receiving such requirements.

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