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About China's green smart inverters become the standard configuration of thermal power plants

Aug 28, 2020

About China's green smart inverters become the "standard configuration" of thermal power plants

China has officially implemented the "New Environmental Protection Law" this year, putting forward higher requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection in many fields such as the power industry. At present, the "New Environmental Protection Law" has been implemented for nearly a year, and the impact on the power industry is self-evident. Inverters rely on energy-saving advantages such as improved power factor, transmission efficiency, and improved technology to expand the power market and have become the "standard configuration" of thermal power plants.

"Last year, coal and electricity were our two major markets. This year, coal is relatively backward. Benefited from the increase in power plant frequency conversion transformation business compared to previous years, it has made up for market share. From the data, we used to have 30 shares in the electricity and coal industries. %~35%. But this year our sales share in the power industry has exceeded 40%, and the share of frequency converters in the power industry has grown rapidly." Mr. An, the marketing director of an electronic technology company, said with joy.

Benefit from the high volume of energy saving and emission reduction inverter

Not long ago, Shaanxi Coal & Chemical Energy Co., Ltd. refused to make corrections due to excessive emissions of air pollutants. The Xianyang Environmental Protection Bureau of Shaanxi Province imposed continuous daily penalties and fined 15.8 million yuan, which became the largest since the implementation of the new Environmental Protection Law. "Finally per day" ticket. The binding force of the new environmental protection law is evident, and it also urges power companies to speed up their upgrading and transformation. Especially thermal power plants are more inclined to energy saving and emission reduction equipment.

The frequency converter is a weapon for energy saving and emission reduction in thermal power plants. According to the statistical results of power generation companies, most of the factory electricity is consumed by fans and water pumps. The use of high-voltage inverters can save 30% of this type of load on average, and even some power plants can achieve energy savings of 40%-50%. High level.

Calculated on the basis of 30% energy saving, the cost can be recovered in about 3 years, and the life of a high-voltage inverter is more than 20 years. In the following ten years, you can imagine the huge benefits. Experts believe that the high-voltage frequency conversion speed regulation system will become the primary product of the current industrial energy-saving promotion.

"This year the share of frequency converters in thermal power plants has increased. We have very deep feelings. From two aspects, the release of the new Environmental Protection Law has further strengthened the awareness of power saving and emission reduction. For power plants, whether it is Thermal power plants are still emerging thermal power plants. Everyone has a consensus on frequency conversion transformation and energy saving. In the past, whether the power plant was up-converter or not, there were still wait-and-see or partial use cases. The frequency converter was included at the beginning of the design. From the previous use of frequency converters, such as water pumps, induced draft fans, etc., to now power plants are gradually implementing frequency converter transformation. The energy saving and emission reduction of power plants have undoubtedly brought market volume to the frequency converter industry "Mr. An said.

He went on to preach. On the other hand, as far as the traditional industries are concerned, coal, metallurgy, cement, and chemical industry have already felt the winter chill. Relatively speaking, as the country vigorously advocates energy conservation and emission reduction, coal-to-electricity, west-to-east coal transmission, etc., whether it is in-service power plants or the construction of new power plants, the scale and pace of using inverters are much faster than other industries. . The frequency conversion application in the power industry this year has become more active under the premise of the downturn in other industries.

Not only that, inverter companies have also developed new growth points. In recent years, power plant desulfurization and denitrification has also become an important indicator of energy saving and emission reduction assessment, which has brought many opportunities for inverters. According to An Shoubing, in the process of desulfurization and denitrification in power plants, fans need to increase their power or increase the number of fans to achieve desulfurization and denitrification. Sometimes it is necessary to make a new configuration or increase the capacity of the frequency converter. Although the amount of each single desulfurization and denitration frequency conversion equipment is not very large, the entire power plant must achieve desulfurization and denitration, which brings a lot of room for growth to the entire frequency converter industry. We provide frequency converter equipment to domestic environmental protection manufacturers of desulfurization and denitrification, and this sales situation has increased compared with previous years.

Efforts should be made to develop high-end inverter products

It is not difficult to see that the promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection is the driving force for the development of my country's frequency converter industry. Among several major domestic industries, the power industry, especially thermal power plants, took the lead in using high-voltage inverters in batches. For example, Datang Anyang Power Plant completed the inverter energy saving transformation before 2010, and it is still running well. The rapid promotion of frequency converters in the power industry also shows that power companies have tasted the benefits of energy saving after the installation of frequency converters for motors and pumps.

Because of the rapid promotion and heavy market volume, domestic inverter companies have risen rapidly in recent years. Although China's inverter industry started late, and domestic inverter equipment manufacturers still lag behind international brands in terms of technology and brand influence, domestic inverter equipment manufacturers are not content with the status quo. On the contrary, domestic inverter manufacturers are facing the disadvantages of late start and technological gap. Long-term exploration, integration of resources and accumulation of bits and pieces to achieve technological breakthroughs.

"From a professional point of view, although the power plant is the regulation of fans and pumps, in terms of stability, the basic performance of protection, switching, emergency stop operation, and quick start requires higher accuracy and stability than other industries. Because the operation of the power plant unit must not have shutdown, cooling, water supply, and heating problems. The power plant will screen the manufacturer of the inverter. Therefore, the inverter manufacturer should solve the problems related to the operation of the power plant. Including quick response Service team. Only in this way can we solve the worries of the power plant." An Shoubing said.

However, there are still some power plants that have relatively high thresholds and prefer imported inverter equipment. The domestic high-voltage frequency converter has been applied to today and is very mature. The bidding thresholds of many power plants are still not open or let go. A few years ago, power plants deeply felt that once equipment problems occurred, the service costs and response speed of foreign manufacturers could not meet expectations.

China's domestic inverter companies should speed up product research and development, so as to reassure customers. "At present, we should strive for product stability. In order to meet the needs of the market, Xinfengwang first maintains equipment upgrades and is committed to research and development of high-end inverter products. Power plants value stable product performance, and this part of the income is far greater than the original equipment purchase value Secondly, service is above everything else. The quality of service, response speed, pre-service diagnosis, and plan are all very important. We are building a remote service network to provide customers with remote plans, diagnosis, troubleshooting, remote monitoring, etc., to monitor equipment data Collect and provide guidance for on-site personnel." An Shoubing said.