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About SAFESAVE's 200G series products

Apr 03, 2021

About SAFESAVE's 200G series products

SAFESAVE has accumulated a wealth of experience in the application of frequency converters in HVAC systems in a large number of engineering projects, and summarized how to collect and analyze data more safely and accurately to achieve precise control. The series of products launched this time have solidified the safe and energy-saving operation mode of the equipment before leaving the factory, and have built-in interfaces of two international standard communication protocols: MODBUS and BACnet. The inverter can be monitored through communication to realize the control of the inverter. Ideal control. This product is mainly used in HVAC systems and is an indispensable member of SAFESAVE's green energy-saving solutions. At the same time, it can be used for data transmission with any mainstream building automation system and has a wider range of applications.

Reasonable use of frequency converters in general-purpose motor equipment such as fans and pumps can save electricity by 20-60% compared with traditional adjustment methods such as valves and baffles. As a component that controls the power transmission of AC motors by changing the frequency and amplitude of the power supply of the motor, the frequency converter can optimize the operation of the controlled equipment. The soft start feature of the inverter reduces the impact on the power grid and the requirements for power supply capacity, and extends the service life of the equipment. The various alarm and overheat protection functions of the inverter can also greatly reduce the risk of equipment operation and ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

my country is a big energy consuming country. In today's world energy shortage, the government has made energy conservation one of the most important tasks at present. According to data from SAFESAVE, “Currently, the total installed capacity of domestic electric motors is 580 million kilowatts, with variable loads, and motors with energy-saving potential are at least 180 million kilowatts, of which only 20 million kilowatts are controlled by frequency conversion. The VFD 200G series of inverters launched by the 25th Five-Year Plan for energy conservation and emission reduction will help improve the efficiency of motors and reduce energy consumption. The excellent performance and long-life design of this series of products provide reliable guarantees for customers to use them with confidence. "

General purpose inverter, 200G series products.

1. With high-performance speed sensorless vector mode, automatic AVR function stable output and ±0.5% vector speed control accuracy

2. Low speed and high torque output

3. Abundant output interface support. Super expansion ability. It can expand three rows of relay inputs, two analog inputs and up to nine sets of digital outputs.

4. Abundant control methods, including speed sensor vector control, speed sensorless vector control, V/F control, and V/F separation control.

5. Abundant field bus: support mod bus -RTU, CAN ink two kinds of buses

6. Abundant encoder types, support differential encoder, open collector encoder, resolver, etc.

7. Brand-new sensorless vector control algorithm, brand-new SVC brings better low-speed stability and stronger low-frequency load capacity, and supports SVC torque control.

8. Powerful background software, our background software can realize the upload and download of inverter parameters, real-time oscilloscope and other functions.

At the same time, we provide customers with up to 61 monitoring parameters, such as length, count, speed, running time, etc.


Safesave focuses on high-voltage and low-voltage electrical equipment, complete electrical equipment and industrial automation equipment. Our products have been used in some national key projects, such as the Shanghai World Expo, Beijing Olympic Stadium, the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, and Pudong International Airport. At the same time, the factory was rated as a high-tech enterprise, a technology-based enterprise, a software enterprise, and an advanced quality management enterprise.

       Our company cooperates with excellent university research institutions such as the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Automation of Shanghai University and the School of Information Technology of Fudan University. After the reorganization, the factory will further research and manufacture high-end industrial automation equipment on the basis of previous achievements in the field of soft starters and variable frequency drives.