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Application of frequency converter in crane

Mar 19, 2021

Application of frequency converter in crane

Inverters for cranes must have the following five special properties:

    Fast dynamic response to meet the requirements of drastic changes in crane load; wide-range speed control capability, near low-speed section can make the motor output peak torque of 2~3 times the rated torque;

    It can withstand the current impact caused by the drastic change of the potential energy load and ensure that it can be used in a continuous mechanical vibration environment.

    Run by

    When decelerating and braking, the regenerative energy of the motor can be reliably released, and the current capacity of the braking unit needs to be larger;

    It has a highly reliable protection system. For the hoisting mechanism, special attention should be paid to the control of preventing "hook slipping" immediately after the mechanical brake is released or before the brake; it has a powerful monitoring system that can be realized by monitoring various parameters Alarm and failure analysis of the system.

    Now take SAFESAVE200G inverter as an example, briefly introduce how to solve these difficulties.

The SAFESAVE200G inverter control application can obtain stable speed output and the best dynamic response through the motor parameter learning function and speed feedback signal; the output torque can be accurately controlled in a wide range of 0.05Hz~50Hz; current capacity

    Large amount, can withstand the maximum 200 constant current impact;

    It has a unique energy recovery technology; a complete protection system with a stall protection function that can prevent acceleration, deceleration and stalls during operation. It also has over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage and input phase loss protection, as well as over-temperature, Overload, overspeed, motor fault protection and other functions. C2000 has built-in PLC function and CANopen protocol, coupled with high-speed communication networks such as Modbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, etc., can well complete real-time data monitoring.

    In 2020, the overall market size of frequency converters in the hoisting machinery industry is 5 billion yuan. With the continuous development and improvement of power electronic technology, it has increasingly demonstrated excellent control and speed regulation performance, high efficiency, and easy maintenance, plus The price of frequency converters continues to drop, and frequency conversion speed regulation will become a preferred speed regulation solution for hoisting machinery, and the market scale of frequency converters in the hoisting machinery industry will continue to expand.