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Application of SAFESAVE frequency converter in centrifugal dehydrator

Oct 20, 2020

Application of SAFESAVE frequency converter in centrifugal dehydrator

Application case of SAFESAVE inverter in centrifugal dehydrator. I believe you must know the important equipment of high-speed centrifugal dewatering machine in textile industry, printing and dyeing industry, and chemical industry. The function of the centrifugal dehydrator is realized by separating solid and liquid by high-speed rotation. Did you know that the high-speed centrifugal dehydrator is a large inertia equipment, and its weight can range from tens of kilograms to thousands of kilograms; in order to improve production efficiency, the use of a centrifugal dehydrator requires a fast start-up and shutdown process, so right Drive equipment requirements are very high, so the use of SAFESAVE frequency converter shows great advantages.

Let's analyze the technical requirements of the high-speed centrifugal dehydrator for the frequency converter. The first choice requires the inverter to have a strong load capacity, sufficient to meet the large inertia characteristics of the dehydrator, otherwise it cannot be used; then the inverter is required to have good dynamic performance, which can meet the rapid start and stop; also requires the inverter to have a strong current limiting capability, so that It can prevent the frequency converter from reporting faults frequently and affecting the production efficiency; the centrifugal dehydrator requires the frequency converter to have a strong braking ability, brake the rotating equipment when stopping, and save the brake device; the last point is also very important, that is, it can be carried out Multi-stage control can realize the production requirements of low-speed feed and discharge and high-speed dehydration of the dehydrator. SAFESAVE frequency converter can achieve these performances, so SAFESAVE frequency converter is the first choice when choosing centrifugal dehydrator frequency converter.

SAFESAVE inverter is a Chinese brand. As a high-performance inverter, SAFESAVE centrifugal dehydrator inverter has excellent control performance, not only has the advantages of rich functions and high reliability, but also can meet the requirements of the dehydrator for the drive system. It greatly improves the working efficiency of the dehydrator equipment and can reduce the energy consumption of the dehydrator equipment. Therefore, the SAFESAVE frequency converter has been widely used in the centrifugal dehydrator equipment and has been unanimously recognized by users.

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