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Application of SSR Soft Starter at Water Supply Utility and Water Treatment Station.

Jun 18, 2019

Target pressure will be reached in an instant when the pump starts directly, causing damage to water pump and the impeller and even causing water pipe burst, which will not only impact water supply and usage safety but also cause large impulse current to the power grid and bring potential accident hazards. After using SSR soft start to adjust the initial voltage and start time reasonably, the pump is accelerated to the rated speed with the preset starting curve, which effectively eliminates the damage to the pipeline and impeller at the moment of starting and reduces the impact on the power grid.

When the pump coasts to a stop, the sudden acceleration or deceleration of the liquid in the pipeline system by external force or the change of flow direction will cause water hammer. Light water hammer effect will cause vibration and noise of the pipeline system, and heavy effect will cause damage and even flooding of the pump house. When SSR soft parking function is enabled, the output torque of the pump will gradually decrease during the stopping process, thus effectively overcoming the water hammer effect and avoiding the above phenomena.