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Application of SSR Soft Starter to Air Compressor

Jun 26, 2019

Air compressor is commonly used in mining, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, building materials, rubber and plastics, railway, automotive parts, coking and other industries. Some air compressors adopt step-down autotransformer starting mode, using relay to realize switching control of motor voltage. However, the starting is unstable, the failure rate is high , and the main contactor often burns out, which has a serious impact on the power grid. After modification by using SSR soft start , the motor can be speeded up gradually from static to full speed, which not only reduces the starting current, but also reduces the impact on pipes and equipment if started directly, and saves the cost of replacing AC contactors frequently. At the same time, the unique phase sequence protection function of SSR soft start can effectively avoid the damage caused by air compressor inversion.