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Brief introduction of UPS function

Mar 15, 2021

Brief introduction of UPS function

With the increasing demand for power supply in computer application systems, UPS has received increasing attention and has gradually developed into a power protection system with functions such as voltage stabilization, frequency stabilization, filtering, anti-electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, and anti-voltage surfing. Especially when the quality of power grid lines and power supply is not high, anti-interference technology is backward, and the computer system has relatively high requirements for power supply, the role of UPS becomes more obvious.

The protection function of UPS is firstly manifested in the regulation of the mains power supply. The input voltage range of UPS is relatively wide, generally from 170V to 250V, and the quality of output power is quite high. The output voltage of backup UPS is 5%. ~8%, the output frequency is stable at 1Hz; the output voltage of the online UPS is stable within 3%, and the output frequency is stable at 0.5Hz. When the mains power is normal, the UPS power supply is equivalent to the AC mains voltage stabilizer; at the same time, the mains power charges the battery, which is also equivalent to the charger at this time. In the case of a sudden power failure, the UPS will automatically switch to battery power supply to keep the computer working normally and protect the software and hardware from damage.