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Can the inverter be used with soft start

Dec 22, 2020

Can the inverter be used with soft start

Inverters and soft starters are widely used in the field of industrial control, especially in the field of industrial control, frequency inverters are indeed more popular than soft starters. Generally speaking, the "power" of the inverter is greater than that of the soft starter. We often hear the phrase "existence and reasonable". Since the use of the soft starter must have its rationality, the following Discuss this issue with friends.

Can the inverter be used with soft start

  The commonality of inverter and soft starter

   Let's talk about the same side of the inverter and the soft starter. I think both of them need a combination of software and hardware to achieve control. If they want to realize their control potential, they need to be achieved through control parameters. Another aspect is that their control is implemented by the built-in digital circuit through digital acquisition and specific data processing to control SCR or Insulated Gate Transistor (IGBT). There is another thing in common. I feel that they all belong to the control method of “weak” and “strong”, that is, we use the weak current of digital circuit to control the high voltage and large current of hundreds of volts and hundreds of amps. This method It also provides the possibility for us to realize remote control and integrated control.

  The respective characteristics of inverter and soft starter

  Inverter characteristics

   In the comparison between the two, we will find that the inverter has its own unique side. For example, the most prominent point is that the inverter can not only perform variable voltage output but also variable frequency output. Relying on its unique vector control and voltage-frequency control methods, it has advantages that are different from soft starters in current control and torque control, especially in terms of speed control, which is comparable to DC motor speed control! So its use is more and more widespread.

   Features of soft starter

   Although many advantages of the frequency converter are mentioned, as a soft starter, it has a good performance in reducing the power supply capacity and ensuring the reliability of the power supply of large loads. The "water hammer effect" can be effectively avoided in the soft shutdown of pump loads; the "impact" of the starting current on the grid and the mechanical "impact" of the starting current can be well reduced in the start of a larger load. For example, for the power of 55KW to The use of a soft starter in a 150KW pump load can effectively avoid the impact on the surrounding power grid. Soft start is a starting method. The frequency converter changes the motor speed by changing the frequency, and their properties are different.

  The reason for using soft starter

   Through a wave of analysis, it is not difficult for us to see that the soft starter can still "block one side" in some control fields. I will analyze the reasons below.

   The first is from the use of occasions, in some large load occasions that do not require speed regulation but only need to start with a reduced voltage, you can choose a soft starter to use.

   The second point is that in terms of control input, the price of a soft starter is much cheaper than that of a frequency converter. It is more obvious that a large-capacity controller is required for the control of high-power loads.

   The third frequency converter needs to be equipped with a special frequency conversion motor in some high-speed operation requiring strict control occasions. If an ordinary asynchronous motor is used, it will cause great damage to the motor. Therefore, it is best to use a soft starter for control where industrial frequency can be used.

Fourth, from the perspective of the entire set of equipment and inputs, the soft starter can be used for soft starter control, and the soft starter is not suitable for variable frequency control. In this way, by using the soft starter and the inverter for high and low matching, it is economic Benefits and social benefits will be very ideal.