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Data analysis of clean energy photovoltaic inverter industry chain expansion trend

Nov 21, 2020

Data analysis of clean energy photovoltaic inverter industry chain expansion trend

An inverter, also called an inverter power supply, is a converter device that converts DC power into AC power. Photovoltaic inverters are inverters used in solar photovoltaic power generation systems and are an important component of photovoltaic systems. Accelerating support for strategic emerging industries is of great strategic significance to China's modernization drive.

The attention of all levels of the country’s departments to the photovoltaic industry and the continuous innovation of technology, China has established its mature and complete full photovoltaic industry chain, and the production capacity of each link in the industry chain continues to expand, costs continue to fall, and efficiency continues to increase, thereby promoting China’s photovoltaic industry. The installed capacity has shown explosive growth.

The upstream manufacturers of China's photovoltaic industry are reducing raw material production costs by expanding production scale, improving product conversion efficiency, and reducing the cost of consumables. The introduction of the policy will be conducive to opening up the domestic photovoltaic inverter application market in China, establishing a photovoltaic product production, sales and service system adapted to the Chinese market, forming a market environment conducive to the sustainable and healthy development of the industry, and promoting the downstream demand of the photovoltaic inverter industry Expand, drive the development of the photovoltaic inverter industry, and improve the full-cycle information management level of photovoltaic products.

Under the influence of policy guidance and market-driven factors, China's photovoltaic market has steadily expanded. The expansion of the installed photovoltaic power generation market has further accelerated the production of photovoltaic inverters and promoted the development of the photovoltaic inverter industry.