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Detailed introduction of molded case circuit breaker

Jan 10, 2019

Molded case circuit breakers are also known as device type circuit breakers, all parts are sealed in the plastic case, auxiliary contacts, undervoltage trip and shunt trip, etc. Due to the very compact structure, molded case circuit breakers can hardly be serviced. Its use of manual operation, large capacity can choose electric split. Due to the application of electronic over-current tripping device, molded case circuit breaker can also be divided into class A and class B, class B has good three-stage protection characteristics, but due to the price factor, the use of thermo-magnetic tripping device of class A products has A higher market share. Molded case circuit breaker is to contact, arcing chamber, trip and operating mechanism has been packed in a plastic shell, generally do not consider the maintenance, applicable to the branch protection switch, overcurrent trip with thermal magnetic and electronic type two kinds, the general thermal magnetic molded case circuit breaker is a selective circuit breaker, only overload long time delay and short-circuit transient protection, electronic molded case circuit breaker with overload long time delay, short circuit the short time delay, short circuit instantaneous and ground fault protection function. Some electronic molded case circuit breakers also come with regionally selective interlocking functions. Most molded case circuit breakers are operated manually and some have motor operated mechanisms