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Discussion on the use environment of frequency converter

Sep 04, 2020

The specified altitude of the inverter

In almost all the inverter usage data we have seen, the altitude is stipulated to be applicable below 1000M, but our country has a vast territory, including Yunnan-Guizhou and Qinghai-Tibet plateaus, and its altitude is above 1000M, even up to 3000m. There are two approaches:

  1) After testing, the air in high altitude areas is thin and the heat dissipation conditions become worse. Therefore, for every 1000M increase, at least 5% of the rated capacity should be reduced.

2) Considering the use conditions in high altitude areas, when selecting the rated power of the inverter, amplify its power level appropriately.

Ambient temperature of inverter storage

In actual application, the inverter is generally installed on the site or nearby. If the site environment is poor (high temperature, humidity, dust), the inverter can be placed in the electric control room (especially When there are multiple units). When the operator is placed on site, for the safety of the inverter, the general ambient temperature should be -10℃~+50℃. When used in the open air, such as oil fields, offshore oil wells, mines, etc., the temperature in winter should be lower than -10℃, which can be heated by electric heaters, and the inverter can be placed in an additional cabinet; in summer, the temperature can be increased when the temperature is higher than +50℃, or Brush the heat insulation coating on the outside of the box to reduce radiation and heat conduction.

   At the same time, the use of appropriate methods of amplifying the power of the inverter or reducing the load is an effective measure to solve the problem of over-cooling or over-heating of the environment. The indoor production linkage line uses multiple inverters and the environment is poor, such as high-temperature, humid metallurgy, steel rolling, textile, printing and dyeing, sugar and other industries, the inverter can be placed in a special electric control room for centralized installation , Separate the method of on-site operation. For the improvement of the environment of the electric control room, an air-conditioning system can generally be used, but of course more capital investment is required. In short, it is necessary to improve the environment and ensure safety in accordance with the actual situation on the site and local conditions. For harsh environments where there are dust and fibers on site, the inverter should be placed in the cabinet, and filters should be installed at the air inlet and outlet to clean regularly and strengthen maintenance.