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Driving IOT in the future may not be possible without inverter

Nov 25, 2020

Driving IOT in the future may not be possible without inverter

1. What is an inverter

Frequency converter is the application of frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology to control AC motor power equipment by changing the working power frequency of the motor. The frequency converter is mainly composed of rectifier (AC to DC), filtering, inverter (DC to AC), braking unit, drive unit, detection unit and micro-processing unit.

The current manufacturing and development of inverters are in full swing, but why use inverters? What are the advantages of frequency converters?

2. Advantages of frequency converter

The frequency converter adjusts the voltage and frequency of the output power supply by the opening and closing of the internal IGBT, and provides the required power supply voltage according to the actual needs of the motor, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving and speed regulation.

1. Improve production efficiency

According to the working principle of the inverter, we know that it can control the flow rate of the current, so the motor can be controlled at the ideal speed. The error rate in this process is low, which can improve the quality of the company’s products, and also It can increase the labor productivity of employees, thereby bringing higher income to the enterprise.

2. Energy saving and consumption reduction

In today's industry, electric motor systems account for 65% of the industry. By installing inverters, upgrading and optimizing existing inverters, or controlling the motor system through inverters, 70% of the energy consumption of equipment can be saved.

When the motor equipment of the enterprise does not need to run at full speed, the inverter can be used to control the speed of the motor. The inverter can match the speed with the load according to the needs of the equipment, reducing the energy loss of the equipment, reducing the production cost of the enterprise, and bringing the company Come higher profits.

3. Extend the service life of the equipment

The installation of the frequency converter can also extend the service life of the equipment and can reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment.

The motor usually adopts a hard start method when starting, which will bring serious impact to the power grid. Therefore, the capacity of the power grid is also higher. The strong current and vibration generated during the start will also damage the baffle and valve. Large, this poses a threat to the service life of the equipment. However, after the equipment is installed with a frequency converter, the hard start of the motor can be transformed into a soft start. Through the frequency converter, the starting current changes from zero and gradually increases. In this way, the impact on the grid can be reduced and the service life of the equipment can be extended. At the same time, it also reduces the loss of equipment and reduces the cost of maintenance.

Three, frequency converter application

The advantages of the frequency converter expand the scope of its application, including cranes used in the steel industry; pumps and conveyor belts used in the power industry; pumping units used in the oil extraction industry; and even mixers commonly used in our lives. Including the now-developing Internet of Things industry, inverters are also widely used. In the development process, all walks of life have higher expectations for inverter products. In the future, all drives may be inseparable from inverters.

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