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Energy-saving effect of frequency converter in plastic machinery

Aug 31, 2020

Energy-saving effect of frequency converter in plastic machinery

In today's society, with the continuous decline of the cost of plastic products and the growth of industrial production capacity, the wide application and popularization in industrial and agricultural production have made plastic machinery an important industry in the machinery industry.

After a lot of testing and research, plastic machinery can save electric energy (about 20%-60% of electricity can be saved) after applying the speed control technology of frequency converter, reduce the impact on the power grid, realize green electricity consumption, and improve product quality and output. .

There are many types of plastic machinery, such as plastic calender, plastic film blowing machine, plastic film bag sealing and cutting machine, injection molding machine, plastic slot machine, plastic gusset machine, plastic pipe extruder, film extruder, molding machine , Plastic coating compound machine, wire drawing machine, kneader, plastic blow granulator, auxiliary machinery (blower, liquid feeding, stirring, mixing), etc. Among the above-mentioned plastic machinery, except for the four-roll calender, which requires high synchronization accuracy, the rest are common ordinary production machinery. The precision required for the drive system of the frequency converter is not high, and similar.

1. The frequency converter can smoothly adjust the speed within a certain range to facilitate the production of different varieties of products.

2. The inverter starts and brakes smoothly. Plastic machinery generally has a constant torque load. When starting at a low speed, it must have a certain torque to make the machine start in a flat manner.

3. The performance of the inverter is stable and reliable.

In order to ensure the quality of plastic products, the work of the drag system must be very stable. Take the frequency conversion control system of the frequency converter of the film blowing machine as an example, a brief introduction: The frequency conversion speed regulation driving system of the film blowing machine includes two parts: one is the frequency converter of the extrusion main motor, and the other is the frequency conversion of the traction motor. Speed governors, their control is very simple, the speed of the motor can be adjusted through the keyboard on the panel or an external set potentiometer.

The function presets of the inverter are mainly as follows:

1. Frequency preset: It can be set by keyboard or external potentiometer.

2. Upper and lower limit frequency: The upper limit frequency should generally be slightly higher than the rated frequency, and the lower limit frequency is usually set to 3hz.

3. Jog frequency: generally can be preset to 8hz.

4. Speed up and down time: Because plastic machinery does not need to start and brake frequently, there is no strict requirement on the speed up and down. The basic principle is not to exceed the rated current, but the sealing and cutting machine should be preset as short as possible.

5. Torque compensation: Since plastic machinery does not require high mechanical characteristics and dynamic response, the v/f control method can be used. 6. Presetting of DC braking function: General plastic machinery does not need to preset DC braking function, but for sealing and cutting machine, in order to reduce the deceleration time, it is appropriate to preset DC braking.

In summary, for the plastic machinery industry, the convenience and energy-saving effects brought by the use of frequency converters are helpful for productivity and cost control, and are greatly improved. If you have any questions in this regard, you can contact our customer service Learn about inverter related information.