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External attachment of circuit breaker

Jan 18, 2019

Electric operating mechanism: This is one kind is used for automatic remote gate and a switching circuit breaker accessories, electric operation mechanism, which has two kinds of operating mechanism of the motor and electromagnet operating mechanism, motor operating mechanism for molded case circuit breaker shell frame level rated current 400 a and above circuit breaker, electromagnet operation mechanism suitable for molded case circuit breaker shell frame level rated current under 225 a and circuit breaker, whether electromagnet or motor, their absorption and rotation direction is the same, only by the electric operating mechanism within the location of the CAM to achieve, and when used in electric institutions operating circuit breakers, At any voltage between 85% and 110% of the rated control voltage, the reliable closing of the circuit breaker shall be guaranteed.

Rotating handles: suitable for molded case circuit breaker, the breaker cover jacket of rotational operating handle, the handle of the shaft is installed in its institutions cooperate with hole, the other side of the rotating shaft through the drawer cabinet door hole, put his hand in the door of the complete sets of equipment of rotating the handle shaft head, above the handle round or square on the door with screws, the installation of this can make the operator at the door by the handle knob clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, to ensure that the circuit breaker closing or brake. At the same time, turning the handle can ensure that the circuit breaker is in the closing position, the cabinet door cannot be opened; The door of the switch board can only be opened when the handle is turned in the opening or reclosing position. In case of emergency, when the breaker is in the "closing" position and the door plate needs to be opened, the red release button on the side of the handle holder can be pressed.

Extended handle: it is an external extended handle, which is directly mounted on the handle of the circuit breaker. It is generally used on large-capacity circuit breakers of 600A and above for manual on-off and on-off operation.

Handle locking device: a clamp is mounted on the handle frame, and the handle is punched and locked with a padlock. Mainly used for closing circuit breaker.

When working state, do not allow others to switch off and cause power failure, or circuit breaker load side circuit needs maintenance or is not allowed to power, in order to avoid being the wrong circuit breaker closing.