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Frequency Inverter Benefits in your Operations

Jul 29, 2019

As some of us are informed, frequency inverters are used in any operation in which there is mechanical equipment powered by motors. The inverters provide extremely precise electrical motor control, so that motor speeds can be ramped up and down, and maintained, at speeds required. Thus, it utilizes only the energy required, rather than having a motor run at constant speed and utilizing an excess of energy.

Since motors consume almost all of the energy produced, the control of motors, based on demands of loads, increases in importance, as energy supplies become ever more strained. Additionally, and users of motors can realize 25 – 70% energy savings via use of motor controllers.


Among the most successful strategies managers have at their disposal for controlling electrical energy use and minimizing utility costs is the use of frequency inverters. Incorporating frequency inverters into applications such as fans, pumps, and cooling towers can reduce energy use.