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Great wisdom in small links! Frequency conversion energy saving helps cement cost reduction!

Apr 02, 2021

Great wisdom in small links! Frequency conversion energy saving helps cement cost reduction!

In 2021, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued a series of environmental policy documents. As a major energy consumption and pollutant discharger, the cement industry is first of all an important concern! Cement production involves multiple links, and each link involves multiple equipment. How to maximize, Resource utilization equipment production operations, reducing resource waste and meeting environmental protection requirements are important directions currently being studied by cement companies.

In cement production, kiln head fans, kiln tail fans, high temperature fans, circulating fans, coal mill fans, grate coolers and many other sets of equipment, frequency converters are essential equipment.

The frequency converter has many advantages such as energy saving and good environment. At the same time, the high degree of intelligence of the frequency converter also improves the automation degree of the equipment operation. The equipment can carry out frequency conversion speed regulation according to the production process requirements, which greatly improves the operation efficiency and stability of the cement production equipment .

Our company believes that "compared with the speed regulation of the air door and the hydraulic coupling, the advantages of the frequency converter are more dazzling in terms of energy saving." "In the past, the hydraulic coupling was used for speed regulation in the industry, and the room for speed regulation is limited. Upgraded to frequency conversion speed regulation, the speed regulation range is wider, and the energy saving rate can reach 20% to 40%."

The frequency converter analyzes the electricity consumption of the entire cement production link through energy-saving control. The reaction can intelligently control the operation of each fan in specific production, and analyze the energy consumption of the equipment through big data, thereby achieving the effect of reducing the energy consumption of the equipment in an all-round way. In addition, the intelligent control of the frequency converter will also bring more fulcrums to the intelligent development of cement enterprises in the future.

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