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How to install solar off-grid inverter power supply?

Mar 17, 2021

How to install solar off-grid inverter power supply?

1. How is SAFESAVE solar off-grid inverter installed?

1. Turn off the converter switch first, and then plug it into the car cigarette lighter socket to ensure that it is installed correctly and has good contact.

2. Ensure that the rated power of all electrical equipment is less than the rated power, plug the 220V plug of the electrical appliance directly into the 220V socket at one end of the converter, and ensure that the total power of all electrical appliances connected in the two sockets is within the rated power.

3. There are two indicator lights to turn on the converter. The green indicator light will illuminate, indicating that the converter is operating normally. When the red light is on, the converter will stop due to overvoltage, undervoltage, overload and current, which will cause the converter to shut down.

4. In many cases, due to the limited power supply of the car cigarette lighter socket during normal use, the converter will alarm or stop during normal use. At this point, just start the vehicle or reduce the power consumption to return to normal.

2. Matters needing special attention during installation

1. The converter has no overvoltage protection function. If the input voltage exceeds 16V, the converter may still be damaged.

2. Make sure that the airflow is not blocked. After continuous use, the surface temperature of the shell rises to 60°C. Therefore, keep away from objects exposed to high temperatures.

3. Accidents may occur when operating multiple electrical equipment. Therefore, at this time, please turn off the electrical switch first, then turn on the converter switch, then turn on the electrical switch in turn, and then turn on the high-peak electrical appliances.

4. In use:

①When the voltage reaches 9.7-10.3V, the converter will automatically shut down to prevent the battery from overcharging. After the power supply protection is turned off, the red indicator light will light up.

②The battery voltage starts to drop. If the voltage at the DC input of the converter drops to 10.4-11V, an alarm will be issued. At this time, the computer or other sensitive electrical equipment should be turned off in time. If the alarm sounds, ignore it.

5. When TV, monitor and motor start:

The power reaches its peak. Although the peak power that the converter can withstand is twice the rated power, the peak power of some qualified devices may exceed the peak output power of the converter, which triggers overload protection and cuts off the power.

Jishili off-grid solar inverter power supplies use thyristor circuits to convert DC to AC, which is equivalent to a reverse process. We must follow the installation steps, which are important steps to avoid problems. Please note that this is a method you need to remember to avoid problems in the future.