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Installation of SN200G frequency inverter

Jul 10, 2019

Installation environment:

1) Environment temperature: ambient environment temperature has great influence on lifespan of frequency convertor, so operating ambient temperature of frequency convertor is not allowed to

exceed temperature range (-10℃~50).

2) Put frequency convertor on surface of flame retardant object and leave enough space for heat

dissipation around. Large heat produces when the frequency convertor operates. Besides, install vertically on installation support with screw.

3) Install in the place with little vibration. Vibration shall be < 0.6G. Keep away from punch.

4) Avoid installing in the place with direct sunlight, humidity and dropping water, etc.

5) Avoid installing in the oaccasions with corrosive, inflammable and explosive gas in the air.

6) Avoid installing in the place with oil stain, dust and metal dust.

Heat dissipation should be noticed for mechanical installation. Please pay attention to bellows:

1) Install frequency convertor vertically so that heat can dissipate upward, prohibit inverting. If there are multiple frequency convertors in cabinet, abreast installation is suggested.


Body installation: 

A dimension can not be considered if power of frequency convertor is ≤22kW. A shall be >50mm if power of frequency convertor is >22kW.

Top and bottom installation: please install thermal insulation guide plate as per drawing.


Power grade

Installation dimension





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