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Introduction to the advantages of inverter power supply

Mar 17, 2021

Introduction to the advantages of inverter power supply

Introduction to the advantages of inverter power supply

Inverter power supply is a convenient power converter, which can convert DC12V direct current into AC220V alternating current which is the same as commercial power supply.

Inverter power supplies have a wide range of uses. It can be used for various types of vehicles, such as automobiles, various types of ships and airplanes. In the field of solar and wind power generation, inverters have an irreplaceable role. The reliability of the power control system is the guarantee for the reliable and efficient operation of the power system and equipment. The power control system must have a safe and reliable control power supply.

In the power system, in order to ensure that the substation, such as the back-end unit, substation RTU, communication equipment, etc., can work continuously after the AC power supply is cut off. Engineering practice generally takes UPS power supply as the main solution, but UPS power supply has small capacity and high price. The failure rate is high and the maintenance is large. Therefore, the power sine wave inverter power supply (hereinafter referred to as the power inverter) can be used in integrated automatic substations to replace the traditional uninterrupted UPS power supply. The advantages are as follows:

1 Reduce the operation and maintenance cost of the inverter power supply system. In the current integrated automatic substation, a background monitoring computer is generally established. Communication equipment is mainly microwave and optical fiber machines. The power source of this monitoring and communication device is AC. Power supply, provide uninterrupted power supply to meet the requirements of four remote, different equipment must be installed with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and battery packs.

The inverter power supply installed in the substation can directly use the large-capacity battery of the DC power system to provide AC power, which saves investment costs compared with UPS power supply solutions, avoids repeated investment in battery packs, reduces maintenance workload, and reduces workload . Operating costs.

2. Improve the reliability of the inverter power supply

The DC power supply system installed in the substation has high reliability and long service life. Therefore, the DC power supply + inverter scheme is adopted, and the DC power supply system used is used. The monitoring function and communication function of the inverter can monitor the running status of the inverter power supply in real time, which solves the problem that the battery capacity of the traditional UPS power supply is small, without monitoring, and the battery is easily damaged. And cannot be found in time. Due to the large battery capacity of the DC power supply system of the substation, the uninterrupted power supply time of the skin care products after the power grid is cut off is greatly extended, which truly plays the role of a safe power source. Improve the reliability of the power supply.

3. Improve the safety of the inverter power supply

The power inverter is a new generation of DC/AC power supply, the input is 220V DC, the output is 220V, 50Hz sine wave AC, the input and output are completely isolated from the main power supply to avoid the impact of power fluctuations on the load, and fully meet the substation RTU, communication equipment It meets the requirements of the working power supply of the microcomputer, and is completely isolated from the main power supply, and can avoid lightning strikes and other overvoltages. The resulting burn-out accident of the power board increases the safety of the load.