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Inverter installation and wiring specifications

Aug 19, 2020

Inverter installation and wiring specifications

For the inverter to work stably, it must be ensured that the inverter operating environment meets its specified allowable environment.


1. Installation place:

1: The electrical room should have little moisture and no water

2: No explosive, flammable or corrosive gas and liquid, less dust

3: Easy maintenance and inspection

4: Vents or ventilation devices should be provided to discharge the heat generated by the inverter


2. Conditions of Use:

1: The operating temperature of the inverter is mostly 0-40 or -10-50. Pay attention to the ventilation of the inverter cabinet.

2: The humidity around the inverter is below 90%. The surrounding humidity is too high, and there are problems with reduced electrical junctions and corrosion of metal parts. Due to the limitation of the installation place, the inverter has not been installed in a place with high humidity, and the inverter cabinet should be sealed as far as possible. To prevent condensation when the inverter stops, the device needs to be equipped with a convection heater.

3: There should be no corrosive, explosive or combustible gas, dust and oil mist around the inverter. If there are explosive and combustible gases around the inverter installation, there are relays and contactors that are prone to sparks in the inverter, which may cause fire or explosion accidents. When there is corrosive gas, the metal parts will corrode, which will affect the long-term operation of the inverter. When dust and oil mist are stored around the inverter, the adhesion and accumulation of these gases in the inverter will reduce the formation; forced air-cooled inverter and clogging of the filter will cause the temperature in the inverter to rise abnormally, which will make the inverter unable to operate stably.

4: The vibration resistance of the inverter depends on the model. When the vibration exceeds the allowable value of the inverter, the fastening parts of the components will become loose and the movable parts such as relays and contactors will malfunction, which often causes the inverter to fail to operate stably. For machine tools, ships, etc. where the vibration can be foreseen in advance, the vibration of the inverter should be considered.

5: The elevation of the inverter is often specified below 1000m. At higher altitudes, the air pressure will drop, which will easily cause damage to the bond. In addition, the cooling effect of the altitude is also reduced, and the temperature rise must be paid attention to.


Inverter wiring:

When various factories and equipment adopt variable frequency speed regulation, harmonic interference will be generated on the power supply side and the motor side of the inverter, which will cause EMC interference to the power supply grid and other electrical equipment around the inverter. In addition, to ensure the long-term reliable operation of the inverter, the inverter wiring is very important.