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Performance parameters of solar inverters

Nov 09, 2020

Performance parameters of solar inverters

There are many parameters and technical conditions that describe the performance of the inverter, and here is only a brief description of the technical parameters commonly used when evaluating the inverter.

  1. The environmental conditions of the inverter and the normal use conditions of the inverter: the altitude does not exceed 1000m, and the air temperature is 0~+40℃.

  2. DC input power supply conditions, input DC voltage fluctuation range: ±15% of the rated voltage of the battery pack.

  3. Rated output voltage is the rated voltage value that the inverter should output when outputting [industrial electrical appliances network-cnelc] rated current under specified input power conditions. Voltage fluctuation range: single-phase 220V±5%, three-phase 380±5%.

  4. Rated output current, the rated current value that the inverter should output under the specified output frequency and load power factor.

   5. Rated output frequency, under specified conditions, the rated output frequency of the fixed frequency inverter is 50Hz:

  Frequency fluctuation range: 50Hz±2%.