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Precautions for starting high-voltage inverter

Oct 24, 2020

Precautions for starting high-voltage inverter

1. The input 6kV power high-voltage switch of the inverter can only be closed after the "high-voltage closing permission" signal given by the inverter;

2. If the inverter never provides the "high voltage closing permission" signal, please confirm whether the control power supply of the inverter is closed, the cabinet door is closed, whether the bypass cabinet isolation switch is in place correctly, whether the inverter itself is in a fault state, and Whether the system signal related to the inverter is correct;

3. Each time the 6kV high voltage switch is disconnected, it must be at least 160 seconds before the power can be sent again;

4. When the isolation switch of the bypass cabinet is in the variable frequency position, the closing of the user's 6kV high voltage switch is only equivalent to powering the inverter, and the motor does not start. If you need to start the motor, you must also send a running command to the inverter;

5. Before starting the inverter, the fan baffle or the water pump outlet valve should preferably be in the closed position. And confirm that the motor does not reverse due to the lack of baffle or outlet valve and other reasons, otherwise it will easily cause the inverter to overcurrent and stop when it starts;

6. When the inverter needs to be started, if the fan or water pump has just stopped [industrial electrical appliance network-cnelc] soon, it should be confirmed that the fan or water pump has completely stopped, otherwise it will easily cause the unit overvoltage when the inverter starts.

7. DCS can only send a start command to the inverter and start the inverter normally after the inverter is in the remote control state and at the same time it receives the "request to run" signal from the inverter;

8. After the inverter is started, it will automatically accelerate the motor to the set speed of DCS. If the DCS given speed at that time is less than the minimum speed setting value, the inverter will run at the minimum speed.

9. After DCS sends a start command to the inverter, if the given speed of the DCS and the minimum speed setting value of the inverter are both 0, the motor will still not rotate. At this time, the DCS must set a reasonable speed setting value.

10. The motor is started by the frequency converter, and the impact on the motor, high voltage switch, power grid and load system is very small. As long as the above conditions are met, the number of starts and the time interval are not limited.

11. In the case of power frequency bypass, to start the motor, switch the switch in the bypass cabinet to power frequency mode, and then turn on the corresponding high voltage switch.