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Routine maintenance of frequency convertor

Jul 08, 2019

The influence of environment temperature, humidity, dust and vibration will lead to aging of internal components and potential fault, or reduce lifespan of frequency convertor, so it’s necessary to conduct routine and regular maintenance.

Routine inspection items:

1) If any abnormal change of sound during motor operation

2) If any vibration during motor operation

3) If any change of installing environment for frequency convertor

4) If normal work of cooling fan for frequency convertor

5) If overheating of frequency convertor

Regular inspection items:

    1) Inspect air channel and clean regularly

   2)Inspect if any loosening of screw

   3)Inspect if any arc trace of wiring terminal

Storage of frequency convertor:

   After purchasing frequency convertor, users should pay attention to temporary and long-term storage:

1. Put in packaging box of our company as per original package for storage.

2. Long-term storage will lead to deterioration of electrolytic capacitor. Ensure electrifying once for at least 5 hours within 2 years, and voltage regulator should be used to gradually increase input voltage to rated value.

Warranty: Free maintenance only suit to frequency convertor. If any fault or damage under normal use, our company is liable for maintenance for 18 months (since the date of leaving factory and barcode on machine prevails). If beyond 18 months, rational maintenance fee will be charged. Under below conditions, certain maintenance fee will be charged within 18 months: device damage caused by violating stipulations in manual; damage caused by fire, flood and abnormal voltage, etc; damage caused by using frequency convertor for abnormal functions. Related service fee will be calculated as per unified standard of manufacturer. If any contract, the contract will prevail.