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Safety Attention of VFD

Jul 19, 2019


1.It should not be installed in an environment with explosive gas; otherwise, there is an explosion risk.

2.Its wiring must be conducted by a person with professional qualification; otherwise, there is an electric shock risk.

Wiring should be conducted with input power disconnected completely; otherwise, there is electric shock risk.

3.After its energizing, never touch control terminal, interior circuit board and other components; otherwise, there is an electric shock risk.

4.During its operation, grounding terminal of frequency converter should subject to correct and reliable grounding in accordance with national electric safety regulation and other relevant standards.

5.After shutting off the power, never touch the circuit board and any component inside the machine within 5 minutes after keyboard display is off. Besides, instrument must be used to confirm that electric discharge inside the machine is completed before conducting works inside; otherwise, there is an electric shock risk. 

6.Never connect AC power with output terminal(U,V and W) of a frequency converter. Power incoming cable is only able to be connected with terminal R, S and T (or L1 and L2 of frequency converter with single phase power).

7.Body static electricity might damage the MOS component inside the device. Without anti-static electricity measures, never touch components such as printed circuit board and IGBT.

8.Never drop metallic foreign matters such as screw and washer into frequency converter; otherwise, there is fire and frequency converter damage risk.

9.Never connect AC 200V with control terminal inside a frequency converter; otherwise, the frequency converter is damaged seriously. 

10.After start-up and if there is over current protection, please re-confirm the external wire is fault free before energizing and operating.

11.Never stop the machine in switch out ( power off ) mode. Disconnect the power after motor stop operation. 

12.Never install the device in a place with direct sunshine.