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Several important concepts of soft starter controlling electric motor

Oct 28, 2020

Several important concepts of soft starter controlling electric motor


1. Contactor bypass working mode

    When the motor runs at full speed, the bypass contactor is used to replace the soft starter that has completed the task to reduce the heat consumption of the thyristor and improve the system efficiency. In this mode, a soft starter is used to start multiple motors.

2. Dynamic braking

    In the case of a load with a large moment of inertia or where a quick stop is required, direct current can be input to the motor to achieve rapid braking.


3. Pulse kick start mode

    For loads with large static resistance torque, a short-term large starting torque must be applied to overcome static friction, which requires the starter to output 90% of the rated voltage in a short time.

4. Energy-saving operation mode

    When the motor load is light, the soft starter can automatically lower the voltage to improve the motor power factor.

5. Soft parking

    In situations where the sudden stop of the motor is not desired, the terminal voltage of the motor can be gradually reduced by soft stopping.

6. Pump shutdown

    For pumps with small moment of inertia, the soft starter detects the load current of the motor in real time during starting and stopping, and adjusts the output voltage according to the load and speed characteristics of the pump to eliminate the "water hammer effect".

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