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Soft starter development initiative

Jan 12, 2019

With the rapid development of domestic inverter industry, the price of inverter is no longer high, it not only solves the problem of large impulse current generated by motor start, but also has a good effect of energy saving, therefore, the once popular soft starter seems to be in decline, the sound is getting smaller and smaller. However, soft starter does face increasing pressure to replace, [1] this situation is particularly obvious in China. As China's industrial technology has been relatively backward, more than a decade ago, China's frequency converter industry has just started, no pricing power, the domestic market is dominated by international brands, the cost of inverters has been high. At that time, the domestic squirrel cage asynchronous motor is generally used to start directly, or use the auto-coupling, star delta starter start. In the 1990s, the intelligent motor soft starter with single-chip microcomputer as the core and semiconductor SCR as the executive component entered the Chinese market, and began to accelerate its development after 2000, with the current market size of about 2 billion. The soft starter mainly solves the impact of the motor on the power grid when starting and the problem of the bypass contactor working after starting. It has a good protection effect on the motor and can achieve a certain degree of energy saving (about 5%) under light load, but the energy saving effect is far less than that of the frequency converter. With the rise of the frequency converter industry in China, the price of frequency converters has been greatly reduced. In recent years, frequency converters have gradually replaced the role of soft starters.