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Some precautions for selecting the frequency converter of screw air compressor

Jan 21, 2021

Some precautions for selecting the frequency converter of screw air compressor

1. Selection of load type and inverter. Air compressor inverters cannot be used normally under any circumstances. Therefore, it is necessary to have more understanding of the load, environmental requirements and inverters. The load of the motor is different, and the requirements for the inverter are also different.

    (1) Fans and pumps: If it is an ordinary load, the requirements for the air compressor frequency converter are relatively simple, as long as the capacity of the frequency converter is equal to the capacity of the motor.

    (2) Lifting load: This type of load is characterized by a large impact when starting, so it requires a certain margin for the inverter. At the same time, there will be energy feedback when under heavy objects, so a braking unit or a shared bus method should be used.

    (3) Uneven load: Some loads are sometimes light and sometimes heavy. At this time, the capacity of the air compressor inverter should be selected according to the heavy load, such as rolling mill machinery, crushing machinery, and mixer.

    2. Long-term low-speed rotation, due to the high heat generation of the motor and the reduced cooling capacity of the fan, it is necessary to increase the reduction ratio or switch to a 6-level motor to make the motor run near a higher frequency.

    3. The installation location of the frequency converter must meet the requirements of the standard environment, otherwise it will easily cause malfunctions or shorten the service life. The distance between the air compressor frequency converter and the drive motor is generally not more than 50m. If a longer distance is required, the carrier wave must be reduced. Frequency or increase the output reactor option to operate normally.