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Squirrel cage motor high-voltage solid-state soft starter fault light is on

Jan 05, 2021

Squirrel cage motor high-voltage solid-state soft starter fault light is on

Squirrel-cage motor high-voltage solid-state soft starter fault light is on. Maintenance industry conditions. The rated power of the motor soft starter of these mechanical equipment is usually large. For example, the rated power of the fire pump is usually between 55kW-150kW. During the starting process of these devices, a larger starting current will be generated, resulting in a larger voltage drop. Therefore, proper selection of the starting mode has important meanings such as reducing the power supply capacity and ensuring the reliability of the building's power supply. Because of this, the application of soft starters in the field of civil construction has broad prospects. The starting methods of power equipment such as water pumps in civil buildings are well known. The squirrel-cage asynchronous motor soft starter adopts a large starting current and a long starting time when starting at full voltage. When the power of the motor soft starter is large, the starting current is very large (the starting current is 5-8 times the rated current). A large starting current will cause a voltage drop in the power distribution system, affect the normal operation of other electrical equipment connected to the same transformer or the same power supply line, and even cause the diesel generator soft starter group to shut down.

During startup, the air switch will occasionally trip. The reason may be: soft starter

The delay setting of the air switch is too small or the air switch does not match the motor (expand the parameters of the air switch or select a suitable air switch). The starting voltage of the soft starter is set too high or the starting time is too long (decrease the starting voltage or shorten the starting time according to the load conditions). During the start-up process, the grid voltage will cause the soft starter to give wrong instructions, leading to lead bypass (it is recommended that users do not start high-power motors at the same time).

When the user uses the soft starter, the display screen does not display or shows garbled characters, and the soft starter does not work. The possible reasons may be:

When the soft starter is working, the internal connection line of the soft starter will be loose due to the vibration of the external parts (open the soft starter shell and firmly connect the wire of the display screen); the control board of the soft starter is damaged (and the manufacturing Contact the supplier to replace it with a new one).

The squirrel-cage motor high-voltage solid-state soft starter fault light is on. Maintenance industry conditions The soft starter will issue a fault warning when starting, it cannot work and the motor does not run. The possible reasons may be:

The ammeter cannot accurately indicate or does not match the inductor (please replace with a new ammeter). The grid voltage is unstable and fluctuates greatly, causing the soft starter to malfunction (please contact the manufacturer to replace the control board). The parameter setting of the soft starter is incorrect (reset parameter).

Motor phase loss (check motor and peripheral circuit). The silicon control short circuit of the main components in the soft starter (check whether the motor and grid voltage is abnormal. Please contact the manufacturer to replace the new silicon control.) The short circuit caused by the filter plate failure (replace the filter plate).

When the soft starter starts the load, the overtime starts, the soft starter stops, and the motor pulls up freely. reasons may be:

The parameter setting is incorrect (reset the parameter, slightly increase the starting voltage and time). Full load start (reduce load when starting)

Only when the insulation resistance meets the relevant regulations, the motor soft starter is allowed to be connected to the soft starter output terminal for starting test. Before the second soft start, the machine should be manually cranked to check whether the machine is "jammed", and then perform the equipment startup test and adjust the startup parameters before it can be delivered to use. In short, the soft starter has large starting torque and can be adjusted, the equipment start-up time is short, the soft stop function is provided, the components are small, and the maintenance amount is small. It can complete the start of more difficult equipment. It is a better performance motor soft starter start control equipment , Should be promoted and applied. Please pay attention to the information and look forward to your visit. What protection functions does the soft starter have? (1) Overload protection function: The soft starter introduces a current control loop, so it can track and detect the current changes of the motor soft starter at any time. By increasing the setting of overload current and inverse time control mode, the overload protection function is realized. When the motor soft starter is overloaded, the thyristor will be turned off and an alarm signal will be issued.

When a small short-circuit current occurs at the equipment installation, it must be reliably fused. For specific selection, please refer to the fuse time-current characteristic curve, I2t value and I2t value of the thyristor provided by the fuse manufacturer according to the load nature of the equipment and the starting current of the motor soft starter. At the end of the start, the motor soft starter is already running at the rated voltage, so the AC contactor can be selected according to the rated current of the motor soft starter to meet the requirements. It should be noted that when wiring the cabinet, make sure that the soft starter and the contactor are connected in the same phase, and do not connect the wrong phase sequence. Selection of overload protection device The overload protection device of the soft start device should be a thermal overload relay with overload protection, phase failure protection and temperature compensation. When selecting, the working current of the motor soft starter should be within the setting current range of the thermal element. For equipment that is prone to overload during work, the rated current value of the motor soft starter should be close to the lower limit of the thermal element setting current range.

The operation of power frequency is the same as the normal motor soft starter, so the traditional contactor is reliable. The soft starter is a device that can make the AC motor soft starter reduce the starting current when it starts. After the starter completes the start process, the device can start the bypass contactor according to the set time to cut the soft start from the main circuit of the soft starter of the motor, and the main contactor of the bypass contactor and the soft starter of the motor connects the soft starter of the motor Power circuit. There are also two types of soft starters, one that does not require an external contactor and runs directly after starting, and is a built-in bypass contactor. The other is the need for an external bypass contactor, which is cheaper and will automatically switch to contactor operation after startup. This kind of soft start can start multiple motor soft starters at the same time, so that one machine can be used for multiple purposes.

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