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The development trajectory of soft starters

Jan 07, 2021

The development trajectory of soft starters

The soft starter was put into the market at the end of the 1970s and early 1980s, which made up for the blank page between the star-delta starter and the soft starter in terms of ease of use and price. The application of a soft starter can control the working voltage of the motor to increase slowly during the whole process of starting, and the starting current can be controlled naturally, which means that the motor can start stably, and the ground stress of mechanical equipment and electrical equipment is the least. Therefore, the soft starter has been widely used in the sales market, and the additional soft termination function of the soft starter reasonably prevents the "water hammer effect" caused when the pump is terminated.

Asynchronous motors are widely used in every manufacturing industry because of their excellent characteristics and maintenance-free characteristics. However, because there is a large amount of inrush current when starting (generally 5 to 8 times of Ie), therefore, because the starting ground stress is large, the service life of the load equipment will be reduced. The relevant laws and regulations have already clearly stipulated the starting method of the motor, that is, the working voltage of the power network for starting the motor does not exceed 15%. There are two solutions: increase the allocation volume and apply a starting device that limits the amount of motor starting current. If only the starting capacitor is increased to start the motor, it is obviously uneconomical. Therefore, it is often necessary to configure the starting machine equipment to limit the starting current of the motor. In the past, people used Y/△ conversion, self-lowering blood pressure, and magnetic manipulation to maintain it. Although this approach can give full play to certain effects in limiting the total flow, they cannot solve the difficulties in many aspects.

With the continuous improvement of the automation technology regulations for transmission operation, the SCR is the key component, and the microcontroller is designed as the key to operate the intelligent motor starting machine equipment-soft starter, because the soft starter is obtained in many manufacturing industries了用。 The application. High-quality characteristics, light weight, very light, intelligent control system and various maintenance functions, can adjust various starting parameters according to different loads, and its load adaptability is very strong. Therefore, electronic soft starters will gradually replace traditional pressure relief starting machinery and equipment, such as backward Y/Δ, automatic pressure relief and magnetron operation.

With the rapid development of power electronics technology, intelligent soft starters are widely used. The intelligent soft starter is a novel motor control module that combines soft start, soft termination, light-load environmental protection, energy saving and intelligent maintenance. It is also called SoftStarter. It not only keeps the starter motor without impact and cointegration during the whole start-up process, but also adjusts the main parameters during the whole start-up process according to the characteristics of the motor load (such as the current value and the start-up time). In addition, it also has a variety of motor protection functions, and has dealt with many shortcomings of traditional step-down starting equipment.