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UPS computer room monitoring system

Mar 04, 2021

UPS computer room monitoring system

As an intelligent device, UPS cannot realize intelligent centralized management, which not only increases the workload of managers, but also increases the intensity of work. How to effectively manage, improve efficiency, and reduce management and maintenance costs will become a major problem for UPS users.

In order to perform more efficient operation, maintenance and management of important equipment in the computer room, Pangeo Technology has deployed a set of intelligent cloud box IoT monitoring system for the data center computer room. On the basis of on-site monitoring, remote monitoring can be realized, and centralized monitoring in different environments can be realized simultaneously on the mobile APP end and the computer WEB end.

Monitoring implementation

Monitoring object

Real-time monitoring of the UPS host in the computer room

Monitor performance

Real-time display and storage of remote monitoring operating parameters and operating status of various components provided by each UPS communication protocol. Real-time judge whether the UPS component has issued an alarm. When a certain component of the UPS fails or exceeds the limit, the monitoring main system will immediately issue an alarm.

Monitoring content

Input current, input voltage, input frequency, output current, output voltage, output power, output frequency, battery voltage, battery charge level, case temperature, etc.

Monitoring implementation

The UPS comes with a communication caliber RS485 bus directly connected to the communication serial port of the monitoring host. The monitoring host can query various UPS working status, parameters and alarm information.

Alarm information

Input limit violation alarm, output overload alarm, battery abnormal alarm, rectifier failure alarm and inverter failure alarm, etc.

Working status

Online status, bypass working status, battery power supply status and battery charging status, etc.

The monitoring system has a variety of options such as SMS, voice alarm, sound and light alarm, WEB pop-up window, mailbox, etc. Users can choose the appropriate alarm method according to their own conditions.

The special collection and transmission equipment in the monitoring system is used to connect the front-end equipment and the system monitoring platform. The cloud box has an uninterruptible power supply function, and it can still last for more than 3 hours even when the power supply of the cloud box is missing.