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UPS power supply maintenance skills and maintenance precautions

Mar 03, 2021

UPS power supply maintenance skills and maintenance precautions

UPS power supply is a constant voltage and constant frequency power supply equipment containing energy storage devices and inverters as the main component. It is one of the indispensable peripheral equipment of communication equipment, computer systems and other systems that cannot be powered off. Its function It is to supply power to computers and other equipment in time when the power supply is interrupted by the outside, so as not to affect the interruption of communication, the loss of important data and the damage of hardware. However, while the UPS power supply is used to protect other objects, the UPS power supply itself often has some failures. If the UPS power supply fails, it will not be able to provide protection for the load.

UPS power supply repair skills:

1. Under normal use of UPS power supply, there is very little maintenance work for the host, mainly dust prevention and regular dust removal. Especially in dry climate areas, there are many dust particles in the air, and the fan inside the machine will bring dust into the machine to deposit. When the air is humid, it will cause the control of the main machine to be disordered and cause the main machine to malfunction, and inaccurate alarms will occur. Dust can also cause poor heat dissipation of the device. Generally, it should be cleaned thoroughly every quarter. Secondly, when removing dust, check whether the connectors and connectors are loose or not in firm contact.

2. Although energy storage battery packs currently use maintenance-free batteries, this only eliminates the work of measuring ratios, proportioning, and adding distilled water regularly. However, the impact of external factors on the battery has not changed, and the impact of abnormal operating conditions on the battery has not changed. This part of the maintenance and repair work is still very important. A large number of maintenance and repair work for the UPS power system is mainly in the battery part.

3. When the UPS battery system fails, you should first find out the cause, and distinguish whether it is the load or the UPS power system; whether it is the host or the battery pack. Although the UPS host has a fault self-checking function, it is opposite to the opposite point, which is very convenient for replacing parts. However, to repair the fault point, a lot of analysis and testing work is still required. In addition, if there is a failure in the self-inspection part, the displayed failure content may be wrong.

4. For the host machine breakdown, insurance breakage or device burnt-out, you must find out the cause and eliminate the fault before restarting, otherwise the same faults will occur one after another.

5. When a battery with reverse voltage, large voltage drop, large pressure difference and acid mist leakage is found in the UPS battery pack, it should be restored and repaired in time by corresponding methods, and those that cannot be restored or repaired should be replaced, but the difference should not be changed. The capacity, performance, and batteries of different manufacturers are connected together, otherwise it may have an adverse effect on the entire battery pack. The battery pack that has expired should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the host.

The above is the maintenance skills of UPS power supply. UPS power supply needs to be maintained and maintained during long-term use. If a UPS power supply can be used and maintained correctly, it can reach a service life of 5 to 10 years or even longer. The following continues to introduce UPS power supply maintenance precautions

Precautions for UPS power supply maintenance:

1. Recognize the importance of strengthening the maintenance of UPS power supply

The UPS power supply is not an ordinary regulated power supply, and it cannot be ignored when there is a problem. It is necessary to give full play to the characteristics of UPS power supply performance for the normal operation of the computer system.

There may be some difficulties and problems in the maintenance of some imported UPS power supplies. If there is no circuit diagram, some performance marks and symbols on the integrated circuit board are deliberately erased by the manufacturer, but the difficulties can be solved.

2. The UPS power supply should work in a good environment

UPS power supply is composed of a large number of electronic components, and these components need a good working environment to perform their normal functions. The environmental temperature, relative humidity, ventilation, cleanliness, etc. should be guaranteed. This aspect is often overlooked, resulting in increased failures and shortened equipment life.

3. Establish a set of regular and regular maintenance system

The same UPS power supply has different failure rates and lifespans due to different maintenance levels. Ann regularly checks the signals and waveforms of each part of the UPS power supply to find out the hidden dangers in the equipment in time and prevent them in advance. Reducing malfunctions during operation is also a means to extend the life of equipment.