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UPS power supply provides uninterrupted protection for the stable rebroadcast of radio and TV signals

Mar 02, 2021

UPS power supply provides uninterrupted protection for the stable rebroadcast of radio and TV signals

UPS power supply provides uninterrupted protection for the stable rebroadcast of radio and television signals. The power distribution system is the main content that supports the operation of the radio and television system, and the application of UPS in the radio and television also plays an important role. With the continuous upgrading and transformation of power supply technology, more and more radio and television broadcasting systems have begun to use UPS to supply power to the equipment.

UPS power supply provides uninterrupted protection for the stable rebroadcast of radio and TV signals

Today's society is an information society, and people receive a large amount of information every day through broadcast television, the Internet, etc., so as to understand and care about the dynamics of the surrounding area, the whole country, and the world. As an important channel of information dissemination, broadcast TV sets its transmission quality inseparable from the support of broadcast TV towers.

UPS uninterruptible power supply system, as the key infrastructure of broadcasting and television transmission network, is used in various stations and computer rooms to provide stable and reliable backup power protection to prevent broadcasting and television signal failure due to loss of external power, and to ensure safe and stable program broadcast .

Therefore, the broadcast TV signal is not interfered by various situations during the transmission process, and it is also one of the keys to choose a real UPS power protection for it. The broadcast and television center adopts an online UPS system, whose main functions are voltage stabilization, power failure protection, backup power supply and clean power supply.

In fact, for the central computer room of the radio and television system, uninterrupted power supply is only one of the most basic requirements when choosing UPS power. In order to ensure that all departments and key business systems of the central building can continue to operate 7×24 hours, the UPS solution should also It is a small power supply center with high reliability, complete performance, high intelligence, and no interference to other equipment.

The safety, stability and uninterrupted output power of UPS provide a strong power supply guarantee for the broadcasting center, thus ensuring the safe and continuous broadcasting of radio and television signals. The TV OB vehicle is a small-sized "TV station" on board with the characteristics of mobility, flexibility, and large range of activities. It can be far away from the TV center for on-site recording and on-site editing, and can instantly transmit the recorded programs to the TV center for on-site rebroadcasting.

In order to ensure the power consumption when the vehicle is moving, it is equipped with a generator set and UPS power supply to provide necessary power support for the operation of the mobile observation system, so as to realize the uninterrupted power supply of the system. The cabin part can be flexibly extended and contracted from the left and right wings, and the space can move in a large range, which is an ideal mobile command and control station.

UPS uninterruptible power supply has the following three obvious advantages:

1. High energy efficiency: 96% AC-AC efficiency and 99% energy-saving mode efficiency can be used to supply full rated power (output power factor = 1), and maximum power can be supplied to the load without reducing the UPS rated power .

2. Extreme availability: In addition to energy efficiency, UPS also provides high system availability due to its wide input voltage range, redundancy of key components, and excellent front maintenance convenience.

3. Better flexibility: UPS power supply can be optimized for stand-alone, N+X or hot backup configuration. Up to 4 units (up to 480kVA) can be paralleled for expansion without additional hardware. Adjustable charging current and battery pack voltage help to adjust for different battery pack types, and the flexible number of battery packs can optimize battery pack investment.

Summary: UPS power supply is a necessary equipment for the safe power supply of broadcast equipment, and its capacity and quality directly affect the uninterrupted broadcast of radio and television. UPS power supply is the power and energy in the radio and television signal production and broadcasting, receiving and transmitting system, and transmission network. It plays an important role during the live broadcast of large-scale programs. Therefore, UPS power supply is an important part of the radio and television system.