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UPS power supply repair replacement and repair

Mar 16, 2021

UPS power supply repair replacement and repair

The small UPS power supply in the office usually generates an alarm after one or two years of use, causing the UPS-powered equipment to shut down in less than a few minutes. In severe cases, the UPS connected equipment cannot work at all. However, when measuring with a universal meter, the UPS output voltage is 220V. It seems normal but it is not. This situation is usually caused by the inability of the battery to store electricity. We just need to buy storage batteries of the same voltage, capacity, and volume and replace them. Now let's learn the process of replacing the battery for UPS power supply!

The UPS power supply for small offices generally uses two 7.5AH 12V storage batteries, but for insurance, it is better to disassemble the battery model and then buy it. Let's take apart the shell first! Use a Phillips screwdriver to turn out the 8 housing fixing screws in the opposite direction.

After removing the shell, you can see the picture below. Next, unplug the connecting wire. The contacts are plug-in. Pull out the positive and negative contact wires connected to the storage battery to the right as shown in the figure below.

Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the 4 fixing screws on the battery fixing baffle.

Carefully remove the battery fixing baffle, and remove the broken batteries in turn.

Reinstall the newly purchased battery carefully, and connect the connecting wire. The red wire is the positive pole to the battery's red contact, and the black wire is the negative pole to the battery's black contact. Then reinstall the battery retaining plate as it is. Put back the shells one by one and you're done.