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What is the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic inverters

Nov 16, 2020

What is the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic inverters

What is the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic inverters? In fact, the conversion rate of a photovoltaic inverter refers to the efficiency of the inverter converting the electricity generated by the solar panel into electricity. In the photovoltaic power generation system, the inverter plays the role of converting the direct current generated by the solar panel into alternating current and transmitting the alternating current to the power company's grid. The inverter has high conversion efficiency and can be used for home use and sold. increase.


There are two major factors that determine the inverter efficiency: First, when converting the DC current into an AC sine wave, it is necessary to use a power semiconductor circuit to switch the DC current. At this time, the heat of the power semiconductor will cause losses, but by improving the switch The circuit design can minimize this loss. The second is to improve efficiency by relying on inverter control experience. The output current and voltage of the solar panel will change with the sunshine and temperature, and the inverter can optimally control the current and voltage to achieve the maximum amount of power, which is to find the best in the shorter time The power point, the higher the conversion efficiency. The control characteristics of the inverter will vary with the products of each manufacturer, and its conversion efficiency is also different. For example, although some inverters have high conversion efficiency at maximum power output, their conversion efficiency is very low at low power output; some inverters maintain an average conversion efficiency from low power output to high power output. Therefore, when choosing an inverter, it is necessary to consider the compatibility with the output characteristics of the installed solar panel.

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