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What is the difference between converter and inverter?

Nov 12, 2020

What is the difference between converter and inverter?

After the converter is connected to the mains, its output voltage can be adjusted and it can also stabilize the voltage. The dual inverter version is to convert DC power to AC power.

The converter is to transform the information sent by the source according to a certain purpose. Matrix converter is a new type of AC-AC power converter. Compared with the traditional converter, it has the following advantages: no intermediate DC energy storage link; four-quadrant operation; excellent input current waveform and output voltage waveform; freely controllable power factor. Matrix converter has become one of the hotspots of power electronic technology research and has a wide range of application prospects.

The inverter converts direct current (battery, storage battery) into alternating current (usually 220V, 50Hz sine wave). It is composed of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit. It is widely used in air conditioners, home theaters, electric grinding wheels, electric tools, sewing machines, DVD, VCD, computers, TVs, washing machines, range hoods, refrigerators, video recorders, massagers, fans, lighting, etc. In foreign countries, because of the high popularity of automobiles, you can use inverters to connect batteries to drive electrical appliances and various tools to work when you go out to work or travel.