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What is the problem with the UPS alarm always beeping?

Mar 05, 2021

What is the problem with the UPS alarm always beeping?

What is the problem with the UPS alarm always beeping? Generally, the UPS itself has alarm functions, including failures, interruption of input power, etc. When the UPS power supply is abnormal, the alarm will send out a voice alarm message to notify the user of the current working status of the UPS in time. What caused the UPS uninterruptible power supply alarm to sound?

What is the problem with the UPS alarm always beeping?

When using UPS uninterruptible power supply, different alarms will appear, and the meaning of each alarm will be different. When UPS occurs an alarm, it locates the detailed reason immediately and informs the user and records and saves it, so that the user can deal with it in time and avoid the occurrence of accidents.

There are many reasons why the UPS power alarm keeps sounding, but it basically means that the UPS power supply is abnormal. The reasons are as follows:

1. Disadvantages of UPS power system

Consider whether the UPS uninterruptible power supply system is lacking in power. If it is said that there is a lack of power, the alarm will automatically sound. In fact, the phenomenon of lack of power can be known by a simple inspection. Charge in time, and don't leave UPS in a state of lack of power for a long time.

2. The external power supply fails

In the process of using, if the external power supply fails, and the inside is in a state of power loss, the alarm will continue to sound. At this time, there is no power outside, so there is no way to plug in the power. At this time, it is best to keep the power off for a period of time, and directly connect the UPS power supply to charge after the incoming power, so that the alarm will not sound.

3. The line is faulty

UPS uninterruptible power supply involves complicated circuits and a large number of circuit boards. If it is said that the circuit inside is faulty, it may be reminded by means of an alarm. At this time, professional maintenance is required. If the faulty line is replaced or reconnected correctly, the alarm sound will stop by itself.

4. The voltage fluctuation range is too large

The UPS power supply voltage fluctuation range is too large, which has exceeded the normal voltage fluctuation range of the product, so at this time, due to the effect of self-protection, there will be constant alarms.

Even if you want to turn off the alarm, it is impossible, unless the voltage returns to the normal range, then you must suspend the use at this time, and then check the cause of the excessive voltage fluctuation range, and avoid this in time. The situation happened again.

5. Overload operation of UPS power supply

UPS power supply overload operation will also alarm (the overload is not too much, generally the UPS power supply will shut down within the specified time for protection), at this time it is not the UPS itself failure, as long as the overloaded equipment is stopped for a few times, the UPS power supply alarm will disappear .

There are many reasons why UPS power alarms always sound, but there may be other reasons. These reasons are not easy for ordinary users to think of. Even if it is, they cannot be solved by themselves. It is best to let the official after-sales personnel solve the problem. After-sales personnel can bring some tools to check in order to find out. Specific questions.

How to easily send an alarm when UPS power supply is abnormal?

Whether it is a bank, a hospital, a government agency or a school, there are computer rooms, and there will be UPS power supplies in the computer rooms, but many users do not implement any monitoring measures on the UPS when they use the UPS power supply, which is the "naked" state. Therefore, in order to avoid the UPS "naked" state, real-time monitoring of the UPS ensures the normal operation of the UPS and the safe operation of the computer room.

UPS smart SMS alarm is a device SMS alarm device that fully embodies the characteristics of wireless, stability, simplicity, and high mobility. It can provide users with accurate, even and reliable alarm and warning information, mainly for a large number of application equipment and systems that exist in the computer room application environment, IT application environment, and industrial application environment.

For example, various network equipment and systems such as servers, routers, UPS power supplies, firewalls, application software, etc., utilize wireless networks to realize the rapid dissemination of alarm information, directly reaching the hands of equipment managers, IT network maintenance personnel, and applying to data centers, power system automation, Industrial monitoring, traffic management, meteorology, finance, securities and other departments.

24-hour real-time monitoring of the real-time status of the UPS power supply. When abnormal conditions such as mains power outage, temperature and humidity exceeding upper/lower limits are monitored, the detailed fault notice can be bound to the mobile phone number through text messages and phone calls (voice). User.

In the case that the user's UPS power supply itself supports remote control on/off, self-test and other functions, the user can send SMS commands through the mobile phone to achieve remote control of UPS shutdown, power-on, battery self-test and other functions, and receive UPS faults at the same time Call the police.

Summary: The above is the reason why the alarm of the UPS uninterruptible power supply system keeps ringing. The alarm of the UPS uninterruptible power supply system can remind operation and maintenance personnel to deal with problems in time, prevent accidents, and provide a cleaner and high-quality power supply function and a high-quality service power supply system.