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Where the soft starter is applicable

Oct 26, 2020

Where the soft starter is applicable

According to the characteristics of the soft starter, it can be applied to the following occasions:

(1) Where it is required to reduce the starting current of the motor;

(2) Where a small power distribution capacity is required or the power supply line maintains a certain voltage when the motor starts;

(3) It is required to avoid occasions where excessive torque impact occurs when the motor starts;

(4) Where the motor is not allowed to stop freely, such as water pump systems in high-rise buildings;

(5) Where it is required to control the start-stop acceleration time

(6) The load changes frequently and the starting characteristics need to be adjusted conveniently;

(7) Occasions where there are certain requirements for starting, braking, and work;

(8) Where frequent start and stop are required.

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