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Why is the soft starter equipped with a bypass contactor?

Jan 04, 2021

Why is the soft starter equipped with a bypass contactor?

Most soft starters have bypass contactor contacts on both sides of the thyristor. The advantages are:

1. The harmonics generated by the soft starter can be avoided when the motor is running;

2. The soft-start thyristor only works when starting and stopping, which can prevent the thyristor from heating during long-term operation and prolong its service life;

3. Once the soft starter fails, the bypass contactor can be used as an emergency backup.

SJR3 soft starter is a new type of intelligent asynchronous motor starting and protection device. It is a motor terminal control device that integrates starting, display, protection, and data collection. Users can realize more complicated control functions by using parts. The Chinese and English interface display makes the operation easier. At the same time, the SJR3 soft starter integrates current transformers, so users don't need external equipment.

SJR3 built-in bypass motor soft starter is a voltage-regulating, current-limiting intelligent asynchronous motor soft starter based on triggering closed-loop algorithm. Power electronic circuit detection and advanced closed-loop control algorithm enable starting and protection functions. The built-in bypass contactor uses a magnetic holding contactor, which is different from other external bypass AC contactors for long-term live operation. This product has no noise, no electromagnetic pollution, no sparks, and is green and environmentally friendly.