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Circuit Breaker Control Circuit Should Pay Attention To A Few Points

Oct 10, 2018

1, should be able to monitor the control loop protection device and the integrity of the jump, closing loop, to ensure the normal operation of the circuit breaker;

2, should be able to indicate the normal closing and opening position of the circuit breaker, and in the automatic closing and automatic tripping have obvious indication signal;

3. After closing and tripping are completed, the command pulse shall be relieved, that is, the power supply of closing or tripping can be cut off;

4, in the absence of mechanical jump proof device, should be installed electrical jump proof device;

5. The circuit breaker's emergency tripping signal circuit shall be connected according to the "non-corresponding principle";

6. Warning signals shall be installed for equipment that may be in abnormal working state or malfunction;

7. The power supply of spring operating mechanism and manual operating mechanism can be dc or ac, and dc is required for the power supply of electromagnetic operating mechanism.