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How To Install A Pure Sinusoidal Inverter

Oct 31, 2018

1) open the packing box and check whether the accessories are complete (an ac input line and a manual);

2) choose a ventilated and clean installation environment;

3) confirm that the output voltage of the dc power supply and/or the voltage of the battery are consistent with the dc input voltage required by the inverter;

4) confirm the positive and negative polarity of the power supply, high potential is positive, low potential is negative;

5) connect the positive pole to the positive terminal of the inverter (marked with "+") and the negative pole to the negative terminal (marked with "-"). Ensure reliable connection;

6) take out the AC input line from the attachment bag, insert one end of it into the socket marked "AC IN" on the chassis, and insert the other end into the mains socket;

7) connect the load input wire to the output socket of the inverter (marked "AC OUT").