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Importance Of Welding Technology In Inverter Maintenance

Aug 17, 2020

Importance of welding technology in inverter maintenance

Whether the welding technique of the maintenance personnel of the inverter is excellent is directly related to the quality and results of the maintenance of the inverter. If the soldering quality is not adequate during maintenance, the pins of the component will be broken when the component is removed, the printed wires on the PCB circuit board will be damaged, and the soldering will be weak when the component is installed, and the pins of the two components will be damaged. Inadvertently welded together, etc., so that the old fault will be repaired and the new fault will come out. In the end, the faulty inverter cannot be repaired. In order to let friends avoid this situation, I will tell you Talking about the importance of welding in inverter maintenance, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

Importance of welding technology in inverter maintenance

In inverter maintenance, the most prone welding situation is the occurrence of false welding. Virtual soldering means that the surface appears to be soldered together, but in fact the solder and the pin are not actually connected, or the pin and the pad are not firmly soldered together. Such a situation is called virtual soldering. When friends know that there is virtual soldering, the way to avoid virtual soldering is to solder the component pins first, and then solder them to the circuit board, or clean the component pins first. Welding can avoid false welding.

In inverter maintenance, another welding situation that is relatively easy to occur is the occurrence of lap welding. What is lap? It is during welding, because the pin arrangement of the components is too tight (for example: when welding the integrated circuit pins of the SSOP package), the inverter maintenance personnel weld the two solder joints that should not be together. It is called lap welding. In this case, the maintenance personnel don’t know. The way to avoid lap welding is to be careful when repairing the inverter. Every time a component is welded, you must carefully check whether there is lap welding. If yes, rectify it immediately. After the repair is completed, perform an inspection to confirm that there will be no lap welding.

The above two points are the two most common problems in inverter maintenance. I hope that friends will not ignore the above two points to avoid finding the fault. However, due to problems with the welding quality, the inverter failed to be repaired in the end. The situation arises.