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Introduction Of SN360 Series Solar Vfd

Jul 22, 2019

SN360 special inverters are developed for the power supply of water pumps based on the core control algorithm of SN360 high performance inverters and the control requirements of PV water pumps.

All series products apply Infineon power modules. The function of Maximum power tracking, dormant at weak light, wake up at strong light, high water level dormant, underload pre-warning and other control protection functions can ensure normal operation of water pumps according to the customers’ requirements to switch to the grid power supply.

Through adopting advanced MPPT technology ,this product can make full use of the efficiency of the solar cell array.

It can automatically adjust the motor speed and the water flow along with the intensity of sunlight.

Automatic sleep when on high-water level and automatic restart when on low-water level to realize automatic control through water level.

Can prevent pump from anhydrous idling;

It also can enter automatically to sleep mode when the intensity of sunlight is weak (e.g. The sunset.), as well as can exit the sleep mode when the intensity of sunlight is becoming strong (e.g. the sun rise.).

Protect itself in trouble and improve the reliability of whole system.