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Maintenance Inspection Of Soft Starter

Aug 01, 2018

Usually pay attention to check the environmental conditions of the soft starter to prevent running in excess of its allowed environmental conditions. Pay attention to check whether there are objects around the soft starter that hinder its ventilation and heat dissipation, and make sure there is enough space around the soft starter (more than 150mm).

Regularly check whether the wiring terminal is loose, whether the components in the cabinet are overheating, discoloration, coke odor and other abnormal phenomena.

Dust cleaning regularly, so as not to affect the heat dissipation, to prevent thyristor damage due to excessive temperature rise, but also to avoid dust caused by leakage and short circuit accidents.

Dust can be cleaned with a dry brush, also can be used for leather tiger blowing and vacuum cleaner suction. Large pieces of dirt can be removed with an insulating rod. If possible, it can be removed with 0.6mpa compressed air.

Usually pay attention to the operation of the fan, once found that the fan speed is slow or abnormal, should be timely repair (such as removing oil dirt, dust, add lubricating oil, replace damaged or deteriorated capacitor). The damaged fan should be replaced in time. If a soft starter is used without a fan, the thyristor will be damaged.

If the soft starter is used in a humid or dew-prone environment, it should be often dried with an infrared bulb or hair dryer to drive away the moisture so as to avoid the occurrence of power leakage or short circuit accidents.