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Pure Sine Wave 2000WUPS Switch Charging Model With External Remote Control

Jul 18, 2020

Working principle

The inverter is a DC to AC transformer, which is actually a voltage inversion process with the converter.

The converter converts the AC voltage of the grid into a stable 12V DC output, and the inverter converts the 12V DC voltage output by the Adapter into high-frequency high-voltage AC; both parts also use a more used pulse width Modulation (PWM) technology. The core part is a PWM integrated controller, Adapter uses UC3842, and inverter uses TL5001 chip. The operating voltage range of TL5001 is 3.6~40V, and there is an error amplifier, a regulator, an oscillator, a PWM generator with dead zone control, a low voltage protection circuit and a short circuit protection circuit, etc. inside.

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