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Talking About The New Trend Of Frequency Converter

Oct 05, 2020

Talking about the New Trend of Frequency Converter

In the 21st century, the development of information technology has led to the development of frequency conversion technology. Due to its high speed regulation accuracy, low starting energy consumption, small area, advanced technology, rich functions, simple operation, strong versatility, and easy to form closed-loop control And other characteristics, is considered to be the most ideal speed control program, representing the development direction of electric drive.

   High-voltage and high-power inverters have great technical development difficulties in terms of electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic radiation, and series technology, so they have become a hot spot for competition among major electrical companies in the world. At present, many domestic inverter manufacturers have invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the field of high-voltage inverters, striving to occupy the commanding heights in the current inverter technology.

  In order to meet the challenges from different application fields, inverters are constantly being updated and the products are becoming more and more diversified. In general, the new generation of frequency converters should have the following characteristics: First, they are fully digital and fully functional, capable of compensating for load changes, especially distributed ones with communication and networking functions and programmable functions. The second is simple or industry-specific frequency converters and the realization of mechatronics and miniaturization. The third is networking and systemization, reducing production costs through network connections, and configuring different types of inverters with the same programming language and communication protocol through fieldbus modules.

   In addition, with the advent of new high-voltage power electronic devices, high-voltage and medium-voltage inverters have also made considerable progress. In the next few years, new inverters such as matrix inverters and green inverters will be available soon.

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