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The Development Direction Of Frequency Converter

Aug 15, 2018

1: the entire high-voltage converter market has not seen continuous explosive growth, but the Chinese converter brand has covered almost all fields, and has a cost performance advantage over international brands. The market share of domestic invested high voltage frequency converters has exceeded 55%. From the perspective of enterprise ranking, hekang frequency converters have grown by 13.2% and accounted for 13% of the market, ranking first in the industry. Lide huafu accounts for 12% of the market, Siemens for 11%, ABB for 9% and Hitachi for 5%. Guodian 4d has a rapid development rate, with a growth rate of 44% in 2012 and a market share of nearly 5%.

2: China's medium and high voltage inverter market has a broad space for development. With the expansion of the market and the diversification of user demand, the functions of domestic inverter products are constantly improving and increasing, with a higher degree of integration and systematization.