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What Is The Difference And Principle Of Inverter, Rectifier And Transformer?

Aug 06, 2020

What is the difference and principle of inverter, rectifier and transformer?

We all know that there are AC and DC power sources. But in many cases, it is necessary to switch between these power sources.

For AC to AC, a transformer is used.

  The transformer can either step down or step up, and even be used for isolation without changing the voltage value.

AC to DC is called a rectifier.

  The common ones are rectifier diodes and thyristors. Almost all household appliances and computers have rectifiers, which are installed in the power supply of the appliances.

DC to AC is called an inverter.

  Realize with thyristor. Used in UPS and inverters, such as inverter air conditioners.

DC to DC is called a DC-DC converter.

Commonly used in instrumentation.